About Prototipo Literario

I’m Marcos and I created this site to be a book database and help users find new books to read. We do this by creating an extensive book database and putting many details into it so it automatically knows which books are similar to each other.

Marcos and the Books
Marcos and the Books

Who is Marcos?

Marcos is a 28-year-old nerd who likes to talk about himself in the third person, sometimes just to surprise those who live with him. Marcos’ favorite pastimes have always involved games, anime and technology. He currently works at a public library.

Why I created this project

This project started after my first website was established and I wanted to try something new. The magic thing about Prototipo Literario is that the lists get updated as soon as a news book is inserted into the database.

The reviews we may end up having in the site will all be user-generated, as we are working on way for the users to interact with lists more than just selecting a book and leaving the site.

If you want any new feature or just wants to contact us, feel free to use the form below.